Friday, April 3, 2015


the eye of the world opened and brought with it hell
the whipping winds of the pilgrim’s descent
lovers untouching pits of tar black cities with iron gates
an icy core where escape kept you trapped feasting ravenous
a demon of despair no princes no darkness
just enough gloom to see beyond your fate
a small break in the hurricane to hear your guide whisper

this is not where we find her go further
traverse the emptiness of these souls they are not here
for penance or the miasma of iniquity they have
fallen through the ground and paid the ferryman
to enter these barrens lands of wind and shadow
because there is no light there is no sound
there is only the echo of life in their cries
their thousand lamentations but a sigh

with this wisdom, you took your first step beyond
the umbral plains towards the summit of your desire
crossed the verdancy that cast back the empty
that part only before you hands shoved forward
a heart lusting after its own ideal, dripping
with the will to do what the shadows fear
their thin chants faded with each step
and the quiet voice of the forest took up the tune

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