Qui suis-je? (Or, how did I get here?)
I'm a French professor at Kennesaw State University. I'm a lecturer, actually, which means that I teach nine courses a year (sometimes as many as 11, if you count the summer, and I do), but I don't do a lot of much else that some professors do, like serve on committees (except I do) and publish research (except I do). This isn't mean to be snarky, just a statement of fact that makes me look good.
My version of van Eyck's "Arnolfini Portrait"

One of my favorite questions that people ask is "Where are you from?" It might be shorter to list where I'm not from. Born in Reno (yes, Nevada) lived in northern California; moved to northern Virginia (Winchester area, not the Metro). Got a Bachelor's degree in French at James Madison University; moved to Pittsburgh for my Master's; moved to State College for my Ph.D. (Go to Penn State and yell "We are !" anywhere on campus, I dare you.) Spent a lovely time in Purgatory, otherwise known as Lyon, France, while working on said doctorate Now I'm living the good, stable life in the suburbs of Atlanta. I tell this story because these are all important parts of who I am. I moved 20 times before my 20th birthday. Being stationary just isn't in my upbringing, but adapting to new things very much is and I unabashedly love the term "y'all."

I am a teacher and songwriter and cinephile. I am a geek and you can find me every year at Dragon*Con. I am a gamer, and you are cordially invited to come try and beat me at Team Fortress 2. Or come play Portal Co-Op, which I have yet to finish.

Que sais-je? (Apologies to Montaigne...)
Life is absurd: it has only the meaning we give it. We are damned to be free. Feminism isn't about equality; it's about reprieve. Being as generous as possible is my own form of egotism. The more degrees I got, the less sense I had. The rebooted Battlestar Galactica is the best television and the best science fiction yet - bar none; but Doctor Who is a close second. Everyone has an addiction; choose yours wisely.

Où vais-je?
If I only knew...

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