Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Automatic Writing 16 April, 2008
whiskey on your breath hold it in don't let it go
grasp with frail fingernails the last fading wisps of fever dreams
all delirious and lucid navigating the seas of sleep
to rhythms distant and strange beneath alien stars
fell alcoholic winds billowing the sails
and all the while bail now bail until the sea is empty
and the land is full of long, wet dripping women
all those sirens now drowned in their own song
keep the cadence but give the melody sway

take a rest
just a beat
and then three

and after the coda of waking dive in again
the symphony of forgetfulness to live a life not your own
beneath the skin of someone else
to never know how far you may go
how long it may take to return to the same old song
the long and happy dirge we may sing at your wake
toasting you with whiskey on our breath