Friday, April 3, 2015


voltage, amperage, ohms, watts, dead men and stardust 
push their way through the remains of world-smashers
those vishnus of the void that once burned the air 
cigarettes of the heavens whose exhalations unfurled masses of death 
and then life upon the roiling red surface of the world

even after armageddon, the sea was red at rest
it carried stagnation and its waves could only dream of greater crests 
reaching, reaching, reaching for the moon
aspirations lunar but gravity pulling harder 
towards hot nickel and iron spinning within a gold and granite cage 

this blue sea, this new sea, covers its depths with cool serenity 
fills its widths with giant-songs that travel miles before they fade 
peoples its darkness with blind monsters lighting their own way 
without the resistance of men forcing teslas through 
circuits that cannot bear the mad genius of the universe 

and thus release light

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